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Getting Started with Find Your Grind
What Educator Resources are Available?
What Educator Resources are Available?

Every Find Your Grind Unit offers additional teacher resources. Learn more here.

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In order to orient yourself to each available unit in the Find Your Grind curriculum we've made available various teacher resources.

Accessing Teacher Resources

  1. Click into your class

  2. Unfural a Unit and scroll down to see the blue box

In this area, depending on the unit you will find:

  • Unit orientation guides

  • Educator badges

  • Lesson Plans

  • Downloadable worksheets (see example below).

Resources will vary by Unit.

Important Note: Keep in mind that the Educator Resources in Before You Begin: The Journey STARTS HERE are slightly different from the other units. The resources in this section provide an overview of the entire Find Your Grind program rather than support for the implementation of student activities.

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