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How do I Provide Feedback to Students?
How do I Provide Feedback to Students?

How to provide and comment on your student's work.

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As an educator or administrator, you are able to provide feedback on your student’s notebook responses. As a reminder, to access their notebook responses click on the ‘People’ tab and then choose a student. Next, select ‘Notebook’ from the top header.

At the bottom of each response, there are six feedback options. These options include:

  • Love your thinking

  • Great job personalizing your learning

  • Really enjoyed reading your response

  • Wow! This is incredible

  • Let’s talk about this

  • Good start, could you expand on this?

Hover over each icon to read the feedback. You can select any number of feedback phrases to send to the student.

After choosing your feedback, the comment will appear as a pop-up in the student’s dashboard one minute after clicking the icon. This delay allows teachers to change their feedback if desired. When more than one feedback icon is selected, the feedback will cycle through on the student side.

Providing feedback is a great way to connect and motivate students. Our suggestion is that teachers review students' work weekly and provide feedback regularly.

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