What's on The Student Dashboard?

In this article we'll discuss the student dashboard and how you can view it.

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The Student Dashboard is the landing place for all students when they log in. It was designed to help students quickly pick up where they last left off in the program. Below we'll go over a few of the main features.

1. Students can pick up where they left off

Students can easily continue in the badge where they were working without any scrolling or searching for the correct unit. This way they don't waste precious class time looking for their classwork badges. Instead, they're able to jump right in! 🚀

2. Careers are front and center with the ability to 'dislike' a suggested career.

Most of us will spend the majority of our life in some career. However, it takes time and exploration to find "the one". That is why we've made careers front and center on the dashboard. And while our algorithm may populate certain careers, a student will often know right away that this is not a career for them. This is why we've introduced the 'dislike' function. Students can dislike a career and then have a new one populated.

This is the message students will receive. They can still view the career in 'Explore'

3. Rotating suggestion tiles

You might notice that one of the tiles on the dashboard changes if the student changes tabs. This is because it is cycling through the different categories of explore content. Each time the student leaves their dashboard and comes back it will display new content.

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